Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Remember the folding technique I blogged about in this post?

Well, I liked it so much that I decided to fold all of my fat quarters and half-yards that way. Then I decided to organize the rest of my stash (it had gotten way too messy and out of control). Now it's much easier to find what I need. One bin contains all fat quarters, another one has decent-sized pieces that are 1/2-yard or smaller, another has yardage (folded using a 6 x 24 inch ruler), and the last bin has all my flannel fabrics. Now when I search for fabric for projects, it's much easier to find and stays much neater when I put it back. My batiks are not organized in this manner because I'm using them for my DJ WIP (Dear Jane Work in Progress). They're scattered in a few piles near my cutting mat and sewing machine.

After I finished with the folding, I decided to do something with the scraps that were getting out of hand. I have these bins under my HQ16 -- the one on the left contains strips of various lengths and widths and the one on the right contains small scraps of various shapes and sizes. I even have them organized into solid-looking strips/scraps, fun strips/scraps, and boring strips/scraps.

I thought nesting was a sign of pregnancy, not the early stages of menopause...empty nest syndrome is what I should be preparing for instead...


karenfae said...

LOL every time I organize gradually it gets unorganized but so far this time I have been staying pretty good at it - it helps that I have been restocking the shelves though - I have been being good and trying to use what I have and not buying a lot.

Jackie said...

Ha, you are too funny! I think once a mom you always are nesting in some way or another. Don't you just feel better now that you are organized?

Tracy said...

And you're coming to my house...when?!!! If you could organize my little sewing space, you'd be a miracle worker!