Monday, January 25, 2010

Outside The Norm

I hope my readers are interested in DJ blocks because that's almost all I've been blogging about for the last couple of weeks. I promise that once I get the center completed (only 3 more blocks to go!), you'll see other quilty things as well. I'll still work on the DJ, but not quite as obsessively as I have been since Thanksgiving.

Anyway, this is "D-11, Snow Crystal", an intermediate-level block that I rotary cut (the background) and then used the raw-edge machine buttonhole-stitch applique method for the dark red pieces.

This is one of only three blocks (that I know of) in the center of Jane Stickle's quilt in which she used more than two fabrics. Here's what hers looks like.
It's a very subtle difference, but if you look closely, the outside four small diamonds are cut from a different fabric than the large triangles and center square. I tried to make the look in my block subtle as well.

The other blocks with more than two fabrics can be found here (four fabrics) and here (three fabrics). I haven't even begun to look at the outer triangles, so I'm not sure if any of those use more than two. We shall see...


Jackie said...

Personally, I enjoy seeing them. I am very intrigued by this quilt and since I do not have any immediate plans on making it, you are helping me to live vicariously through you. Love the block.

Nanci said...

Anya, no matter how many DJ blocks we see, they are always interesting to see.
The fact that you are doing them is impressing enough for me to return.

karenfae said...

I don't think I ever looked so closely to the fabric in the photos that I noticed that. In fact I don't think I ever heard anyone mention that three of them had several fabrics in them! wow, learn something new every day.

Needled Mom said...

I would have never noticed that there were more than two fabrics. It really is subtle. Nice job done on yours.

Karen said...

Only three more to go! That is very exciting. Making the triangles will be a nice change of pace. All your blocks are wonderful!