Monday, March 15, 2010

Teenagers Need Comfort, Too

Last month, a group of my guild members got together to make quilts for the Project Linus Make-a-Blanket Day. The local Project Linus coordinator, who is also our guild's outreach chair, brought in thousands of cut-up squares for use in the quilts. These had been donated by the owner of a fabric shop in Canton, PA.

This year, I have made a resolution to make charity quilts and pillowcases for teenagers, both boys and girls. I think that sometimes the teenagers get forgotten when it comes to us quilters making charity quilts. Usually, we just throw together fun kids' quilts, mainly because they're cute and quick, or else we make throws for elderly hospital patients or nursing home residents. The teens get lost in there...but teenagers get sick or are in need of comfort, too. So, I've decided to make that my mission this year (and maybe next).

I made this top from some of the donated squares and originally planned for it to have the four blue circle squares in the outer corners. But when it was sewn together, I decided that it was too small (teenage boys have long legs). I don't really like square quilts either, unless they are wallhangings. So, I found a few more squares and added the top and bottom rows. Now the top will go to another group of quilters who will finish it up.


Jackie said...

I think that you are right, teens do get lost in the shuffle. How nice of you to make this quilt for them. I think that you would be able to rally quite a few quilters to start making quilts for the teens.

Rene' said...

Anya, I think it is wonderful that you are making quilts for teenagers. They are so often overlooked. In some ways, they need extra comfort during a difficult situation as it is tough enough just being a teenager. I also think it is great that you have a group that finishes the quilt top. That is usually what slows me down from donating. Thanks for reminding us to not forget the teenagers!

Zoey said...

How thoughtful of you, Anya. Do the quilts you make stay in your town? I just wondered if you ever know any of the people who receive them.
You are very generous with your time and talent to donate so many.

Heather said...

thats a great project choice. My guild will be cutting squares for comfort quilts for Mennonite central Committee, so I gather I will be helping with that at some point. Not much chcice in the donated fabrics, but many do tend to be bright.