Friday, May 14, 2010

Pining for Jane

I had been making triangles in the bottom row and had hoped to finish all thirteen before moving on to another row, but the last two that I have left on the bottom will require a bit of time for me to draft them into paper-piecing patterns (the software isn't of much help with them). I also want one of them to look more like Jane's triangle than Brenda's pattern does. (Have I mentioned that I am really disappointed in the software, particularly when it comes to the triangle patterns?)

Anyway, in order to keep going with the triangles, I decided to move on to some easy ones in the other rows. This is the second one in the top row that I've now made.

This is "TR2, Australian Pines", a beginner-level triangle that I paper pieced. Easy peasy -- took me less than an hour.


karenfae said...

some people seem to love the software and other tends to hate it. I am so glad that I jut stuck with the book and copy them to freezer paper with the scanner. I have changed some of my blocks this second time doing Jane - I don't know why she changed them from what the quilt looked like unless it was thought to make it easier?

Jackie said...

I do like the look of this block very much. The colors that you chose are perfect. Hopefully on other blocks you don't have too much difficulty with the software.

Heather said...

Looks really good. Saw your selvedge post today. Great.

RETRO-fabulous said...

Wonderful work and love the purple in this triangle.

Bree said...

It's because it's an 'Australian' triangle that it was so easy going! :)