Monday, September 13, 2010

Blue Monday

I'm working on several projects at once, but I managed to finish another Jane Stickle triangle.

This one is "TR3, Checkerboard", a beginner-level paper-pieced triangle. Very easy. I wish they all were.


Jackie said...

The colors of blue in this block are just fantastic! The block is wonderful too!

karenfae said...

seeing your triangles reminds me I need to get back to work on mine but I really want to finish these two quilts first that I am quilting - get two things done and I will get back to work on piecing.

Barb said...

Looking good girlie, keep on going! "Easy" you say, well I will just enjoy it all thru you :>)!! Have a wonderful week, feels like Fall, and I love it!

RETRO-fabulous said...

Great triangle, Anya! I've yet to attempt one but the blocks are coming along.
Happy Quilting,

Robin said...

Mmm... batiks. So pretty!