Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year's Momentum

If all the triangles were as easy as this one, I'd have the quilt done in no time! Alas, that's not the case...

This is "RS-4, Dutch Apron", an intermediate-level triangle that I paper pieced. You're seeing it on its side because it is in the row along the right side of the quilt. The green fabrics are much prettier in person.

Just a reminder to those who are planning to use the software to make the quilt -- you must change the triangle dimensions to 5 x 8 inches before you print out the patterns. The default setting of 4.5 inches square is incorrect!


Mary-Frances said...

Hooray, another triangle done! Looks good Anya!

Barb said...

Sweet, I like it, very neat straight lines :>)...I am not surprised how well done it is! Keep on stitching girlie, you are gaining momentum again! Have a great week!