Monday, November 21, 2011


This Thanksgiving season I am reminded how blessed I am (and how blessed I have been all my life).

These nine pillowcases (and another three Christmas-themed ones) are on their way to be donated to ConKerr Cancer. I hope they will bring a smile to some children who are going through a tough time in their lives.

I used up 12 yards of fabric from my stash for these pillowcases...and NO, I am not going shopping on Thanksgiving, or Black Friday, or any other holiday to buy more. Holidays are meant to be spent with family and friends, not for spending money on stuff we don't need!


Pat said...

How wonderful! I love all the bright colors you used. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jackie said...

Fabulous way to use your stash! I know they will brind a smile to the children. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

karenfae said...

I am boycotting Thanksgiving & Black Friday shopping - I think it is just getting too crazy - there are good sales going on all the time, like you say it is time to spend with family.

Rene' said...

Anya, such fun pillowcases! I'm sure they will bring smiles to nine children. Ditto on the Thanksgiving shopping ban.

OneOldGoat said...

Those pillow cases will not only put a smile on the face of the kids who receive them but I am sure that there will be a smile on your face all year!
I really like the way you think - I agree with you that holidays are for spending time with family and NOT shopping for more stuff.