Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another "Green" Idea for Quilters

In yesterday's post, I showed how I piece scrap batting together using a flat joining seam on my sewing machine. One of my regular readers, Diane, commented that one of her customers had pieced a batting using the fusible tape that is now sold for this purpose. I had read about that idea several months ago, but figured out another way to do this with using some scraps of another project.

A number of years ago, I made a quilt using a Quiltsmart pattern (fusible interfacing). After cutting up the interfacing for the quilt, I had scraps left, so I saved them without any idea of how I'd use them in the future. A few months ago, I needed to piece two fairly-large-size pieces of batting together and didn't want to deal with the bulk on my machine while sewing the seam. So I just used some of the longer strips of the leftover fusible interfacing from the Quiltsmart project and fused the two batting pieces together...

It worked just fine and I could barely tell the strip was there.

If I need to do this again and don't have enough scraps of the fusible left, I'll just buy yardage of regular fusible interfacing and cut it into strips. No need to buy the roll.


Fiesta said...

Fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing

karenfae said...

I have used the tape that is sold but your method really looks the same and is probably cheaper too!

Sheila said...

I had saved the "invisible" hemming tape that came with a set of curtains (drapes) Not knowing what i would use it for. A couple of weeks ago i used it to join some batting.. very successfully. I like the interfacing idea too. Less bulky than stitching the layers together

Vivian said...

Great idea, Anya.
I have bags of unused iron-on interfacing of various types, leftovers from my days of sewing garments. But I have to check it, piece by piece, before using it. I've found that some older interfacing becomes worthless with time. The sticky component had dried and detached. I'm sure I have some that's still usable, but I'd better test first.