Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Present For Me!

When I was organizing my fabric stash the other day, I got really depressed and told myself that I really need to stop buying fabric because I probably have enough to make 50 good-sized quilts! So, I decided to take advantage of my Barnes & Noble membership, plus a coupon and gift card to buy myself a new book.

Now all I have to do is stop looking through the book and make a quilt or two! (or fifty!)


Pat Merkle said...

But you have been sew disciplined with making quilts from stash! Although the book looks grand!

Mary-Frances said...

Oh Anya, I can't believe it. We are on the same wavelength...I bought the same book last week! I also calculated how much money I've spent on fabric in the past month and was more fabric buying for me!!

Pip said...

I was looking at my fabric the other day and thinking something similar, I think I'm addicted :)

I ordered that book as well, I'm hopeful I can restrain myself from wanting to make a quilt, I already have too many waiting to be finished.