Friday, November 1, 2013

Should Have Been Me

Darn -- the drawing for this quilt was this past Wednesday, and I was sure that I would get a call telling me I was the winner. After all, it was my birthday yesterday, so it would have been perfect as a gift for me!

Oh, well, I guess some other lucky person is the winner, but that's OK with me. The proceeds go to benefit the Tompkins County Friends of the Library, who sponsor a gigantic used book sale twice a year. You can read about the creation of this quilt in their newsletter here. And you can read about some of their quilting volunteers in their newsletter from Fall 2011 here.

Books and quilts -- a great combination!


Heather said...

It sure would be wonderful to win a quilt one day. I received a text from my sister yesterday telling me that she was able to deliver a quilt I made to one of her co-workers who's house was devastated in the flooding their at the beginning of the summer. Best halloween treat I gave this year.

Books_Bound said...

Oh, how I miss the book sale. This is my first fall without it. :( It's a truly exceptional event!

Vivian said...

Belated happy birthday to you, Anya. That impressive quilt would have been a wonderful present -- but not this year. Maybe the next raffle you enter.

Rene' said...

Well happy belated birthday to you Anya! Sure hope you had a fabulous day!