Friday, February 28, 2014

It's the End of February Already?

Sigh, I don't have any finishes for February, but that doesn't mean I haven't been sewing. I did manage to finish a quilt top, but before I start another one, I need to quilt two that are waiting.

In the meantime, I did help sew some blocks for one of my guild's outreach projects, Quilts of Valor. Our guild recently held a workshop to learn to make an Arrowhead block, so our outreach chair decided on using the pattern for our current QOV top. Some of the blocks that we made are shown in the above photo. They go together very quickly and perhaps next month I'll be able to show you a completed top from the group.


Susan said...

I think these blocks will make a great QoV! Thanks for your help!!!

Vivian said...

We had a demo at a guild meeting for the arrowhead block a while ago. Slick and pretty easy to make, and very impressive when the block is done. That's definitely a win-win.
February went by in a blur, didn't it? Well, except for the endless days of negative temp's here, and the snow, and vehicles misbehaving.