Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Thank You, Mood!"

Those of you who are fans of Project Runway (formerly on Bravo, now on Lifetime) probably know where this bag and shirt come from -- Mood Fabrics!

My BFF/college roommate/maid of honor and I try to watch every episode and have decided that we're adding a trip to the NYC Mood store to our bucket list. Until that happens, I'll have to be happy with the bag and shirt that my BFF gave me for Christmas!

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Sherry said...

I've been to Mood. . . . it is wild! You get into an elevator with an actual operator (and barred inner door) --- old building. I did not see Swatch when I was there and, truth be told, I was just overwhelmed by all the fabric.

I looked at a few things but since I was walking the city I only ended up buying the bag & leaving.

My DH would like to go the next time. . . . so, once all this silly snow business is over and it warms up a tad we will probably head back to the "big city" to spend the day & see Mood together.