Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Quilter Can Never Have Enough Stuff

Here are a couple of new supplies/gadgets to help me along my DJ journey...

A headlamp was recommended to me by a fellow guild member who makes the most exquisite applique quilts of anyone I know. It will come in handy when I attempt to applique DJ blocks in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. It's not usually too bad when I'm sewing at home, but on the road, at retreats, or at other quilters' homes, the lighting can leave a bit to be desired. The strap is comfortable and the intensity of the light can be adjusted, as well as the angle. For those who prefer not to wear the strap, the light can be removed and then clipped onto a ballcap or visor. It even has an emergency flash mode (in case I stab myself with a needle and need to summon help). I purchased it at a local "outdoor adventures" store, Wild Asaph Outfitters, where the woman who waited on me seemed taken aback that I wanted one of these to use when I sew. I don't know why she was surprised...the store is located right next door to our local fabric shop...Needles Quilt Shop.

The long tube contains spools of 5 different neutral colors of silk thread. When I started my DJ project, I had purchased one spool of gray silk thread, hoping it would match most of my fabrics. I wasn't satisfied with how it looked on certain colors, so I bit the bullet and ordered 5 neutrals which should work with most anything.

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