Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ugly Fabric

No DJ blocks today because I'm trying to get a few ready for applique for next Monday's monthly meeting of my guild's DJ group, the Laurel Janes.

This quilt is another one of my early projects, made in 2001, using a lot of ugly fabric that I still had left in my stash after making my double pinwheel quilt earlier in the year. The photograph was taken with an old digital camera and before we had photo editing software on our computer.

I made this for a dear aunt of mine who is still using this quilt (at least she was when I last saw her in June). I don't think she got it out for display just for my benefit, because it sits on her favorite TV-watching chair and looks like it has gotten a lot of use. That's how I prefer my quilts to be -- used, not put away in a closet somewhere because the owner doesn't want to chance ruining the quilt. The recipients of my quilts usually get a note telling them that I want them to use the quilt and if it gets to the point where it's no longer usable, I'll make them another one.

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