Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last One of Its Kind

Well, if I've counted correctly, this is the last of the beginner-level blocks that can be paper pieced. All of my remaining beginner-level blocks (6 of them) will require some sort of applique method.

This is "C-12, Family Reunion", which I chose to paper piece, but it could easily have been done using just the rotary cutting method. A few of my seams are a bit wonky, but I like to think that it will match the other wonky blocks.

There are 49 pieces in this 5-inch block, 45 of which are 1/2-inch finished!

This is my #94.


Melissa Wertz said...

I see this and I see patience! I would have to piece that one by hand. I have one, (I have photographed it for a future post, it is in a wall hanging that is partially quilted) and has 52 tiny pieces. I did not know about foundation pieces then, I just cut it all out by hand and tried to sew it up by machine.... threw that block away and cut out a new one. Sewed it by hand and turned out perfect.

It was so funny, I did not know I was supposed to paper piece that block.

Tropical Screamer said...

Great looking block. I'm pretending my wonky blocks are on purpose to lend a hand made look. LOL.

I'm going to paper piece my next one just to see if I like it. After all, I found out that I like reverse applique.

Isn't it great to try new techniques?

I so love your blocks.


sparkle jars said...

I think this turned out great.:-)