Saturday, January 10, 2009

Questions and Answers

Question: What causes dust bunnies?

Answer: Working on blocks like "B-12 Starflower" all week!

Well, I didn't really work on this block continuously, but it did take quite a bit of my free time this week.
It is a beginner-level block that I chose to reverse current preferred method for applique work.

But no matter how frustrating I find some of these DJ blocks to be, I still prefer working on them to cleaning house! Don't we all?


Tropical Screamer said...

Get rid of them? Heck, I raise dust bunnies. ;)

Great block. I love the fabric and your work.

It's only a matter of time before I try it.

Best regards,

Barb said...

Oh what a question ;-D, they multiply at my house...don't they understand quilting is far more important then chasing after them? Do you enjoy the reverse applique? It looks very well done on your picture, and I continue to LOVE your blocks ~ *sigh* I want to be just like you soon!!

karenfae said...

Know what you are talking about - I finally had to stop sewing one day this week and clean the house - sure wish I had a Fairy GodMother at times to take care of that for me!

henny said...

Hei Anya.
congrat!! You won jackie's gift away. How lucky you are...

Great blog, like your work :)

Anonymous said...

My house is a Dust Bunny Sanctuary where they are safe and warm in winter, cool in summer. They do have some breathing problems due to the dust though!

Clevelandgirlie said...

lol - EVERYTHING causes dust bunnies!!! What a cute little blog you have here Anya. Thanks for entering my OWOH giveaway. I hope you win - as it truly is a prize designed for a quilter!!