Sunday, February 15, 2009

Purple Passion

I'm loving the machine-buttonhole stitch technique that I've used in this block and in previous posts here and here. These hearts were cut out as 1 piece rather than 4 and then I just outlined them with the buttonhole/blanket stitch. This would have taken me hours to do if I had tried needle-turn or reverse applique, but today it only took an hour out of my morning.

This is "H-12, Hannah Lou's Hearts", an intermediate-level block.


Barb said...

Anya this is another great block, congratulations on making me drool yet again! I love what you are doing with your blocks and the Batiks are just amazing! Oh so close to having another gorgeous quilt in your house. It is so creative that you have perfected the idea of using the *button hole* stitch for the blocks that otherwise would have required the tedious hand work...thank you for sharing the tip and pictures with us! Also may I add your *button hole* stitch is very nicely done! Keep on stitching :>)!

Tropical Screamer said...

What a beautiful block, Anya.