Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Convenience, Not Cheating

If I had made this one the way that the software showed me, it would have required a lot of Y-seams. So I decided to "cheat" and put the seams in where I felt like putting them in.

This block, "B-9, Tinker Toy", was rotary cut for the most part and then I just used the raw-edge machine buttonhole-stitch for the center square.

Did you know that what most quilters know as "cheater panels" are now called "convenience cloths" by the manufacturers?...I guess that means that my methods are not "cheating", they are just "convenient". So there!

P.S. My blog friend Tropical Screamer had a good word for it, too -- "efficiency"! I like that.


Jackie said...

Love the block and your ingenuity! I guess the manufacturers are trying to be politically correct?

karenfae said...

I didn't know they had changed them cheater cloths - learn something new every day. I change the patterns around on some of the squares to make them easier to sew. Mainly they still look the same as Jane's they just have more or less seams in them.

Tropical Screamer said...

Your block is great. I had to go look how I did mine. Isn't it funny. I only made this block Dec 30 of last year and I couldn't even remember if I had done it.

Love your colors and your work. As always. :)


solomi558 said...

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