Sunday, April 12, 2009


I wish a Happy Easter to all my blog readers who are celebrating today.

Most Orthodox churches will celebrate Easter next Sunday, so today is Palm Sunday for my family. As I explained in my post from December 19th, many Orthodox churches use a different calendar than the Western churches, so our holidays are often on different days. Once in a while, the two coincide for Easter, but they can also be anywhere from one to five weeks apart.

Easter means spring and spring means daffodils. These are some of the first from my yard...I found one of them on the ground after some animal (probably a deer) had chewed it off, but spit it out. I'm grateful that this is one flower that the deer do not like to eat... (it was a different story with the crocuses, although the rabbits could also be suspects there).

The vase is from the Wood was one of the goodies that I brought home from the Lancaster show.

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Jackie said...

Thank you for the Easter wishes! I just love the wood quilter and have purchased from him before. This vase is lovely with the daffodils.