Monday, November 30, 2009

Feeling Good

Some of my blog readers may remember that when Ami Simms came to speak at my guild in June, the guild surprised her with 30 small quilts for her Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative charity. A number of the quilts were sold at auction on Ami's website and some others went with her to the Houston Quilt Festival in October, hopefully to be sold.

I recently checked the website and discovered that a good number of our quilts were sold in Houston, including mine (it raised $40). The quilts made by my fellow guild members are in the 3870 and up numbers.

It's nice to know that we played a part in raising some much-needed funds for this very worthwhile cause. Thank you to all who made the quilts and those who bought them.

Won't you take some time to make one, too?


Barb said...

CONGRATULATIONS, on a wonderful achievement, and pride for a job well done! Doesn't it feel good to be donating to a worthy cause (?)...I love donating quilts, quilt blocks or fabrics and not for a pat on the back, just because it is so heart warming to do so! Again CONGRATULATIONS to you and to your guild!

Jackie said...

What a wonderful way to contribute to such a good cause.

Ami Simms said...

Anya, well done indeed! We raised more than $46,000 in Houston to fight Alzheimer's disease thanks to quilters like you and memebers of your guild who threaded their needles and opened thier pocketbooks to help. We are a totally volunteer effort. If somebody doesn't raise their hand to help like you did, well, nothing gets done.

For anybody considering making a Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts, the size limit is 9" x 12".

See details here:

We welcome your support through a quilt donation or participating in our monthly online auctions that start on the first day of ever month and runs for 10 days.


Ami Simms
Founder and Executive Director, AAQI

Rene' said...

Anya, I love your selvage quilt. What a great way to help fight Alzheimer's which is a heartbreaking disease. Thank you for sharing the information on how to help. I did not realize they had monthly online auctions or that they prefer smaller sizes...all good things to know. I try to make one charity quilt a month, but plan to do more in the new year.