Wednesday, March 13, 2013


March is the month in which I traveled to a number of national-level quilt shows in past years, several times to see one of my quilts on display. The photo above was taken at the Quilters' Heritage Celebration show in Lancaster, PA back in 2008 (alas, that show folded a number of years ago...AQS has had a show in Lancaster for the last three years of so, but it's not the same as the "old" Lancaster show...but I digress).

It was a thrill for me to see this in person and to see people admiring my quilt...and even taking photos of it...

The previous year, 2007, it was on display at the Quiltfest of NJ...

But I think this displays it best, don't you...?

You can do all sorts of things on a computer with photos nowadays, but the only one that's fake is the last one. The others were really taken at the shows and I still pinch myself sometimes when I see them.

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Madalene Axford Murphy said...

I miss that old Lancaster show. But you can still have beautiful memories of your beautiful quilt there.