Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stashbusting Break

I took advantage of a recent sale at Joann's to buy five one-yard cuts of flannel at 60% off and an extra 25% off with a coupon so that I could quickly make a chemotherapy charity quilt. I also bought some royal blue fleece (at 50% off and the extra 25%) for the backing. The quilt will be just a simple rail fence pattern, but it will be done in no time at all. And I'll even have a bit left over for a small baby quilt top. After this one is done, then I'll go back to stashbusting.

Although the fabric is not the best (and look at that honking-big selvage on the green strip!), it will make for a perfectly fine quilt to keep someone warm while in treatment...and the colors are bright enough to hopefully make someone smile.

Not bad for $17 (including tax!).


Susan said...

It's hard to pass up a good sale...especially when it's for such a good cause!

kutiequilter said...

I agree with Susan!

scott davidson said...

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